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Holiday Movies On Netflix To Keep You Cozy This Season

Looking for a perfect way to cozy up in your apartment during the colder months? Look no further and check out these 5 holiday movies available on Netflix this season. 

We’ve made it through what seemed like an eternal spring and summer. And now, here we are in December with the holiday season in full swing. Whether your favorite thing to do in the colder months is to cozy up with a plush blanket, or bake cookies and read a book, finding your niche to relax in your space is essential to avoid cabin fever. And if you’re a holiday movie fan, you need to check out this holiday Netflix queue. Hallmark is also releasing many LBGTQ+ movies, as they are dedicated to acknowledging diversity. 

  1. Happiest Season: Kristen Stewart and Mackenzie Davis star in Happiest Season, which is about a woman who plans to propose to her girlfriend at a holiday party, but finds out that she hasn't come out to her conservative family yet. The cast also includes Dan Levy, Allison Brie, Aubrey Plaza, Mary Steenburgen, and Victor Garber. 

  2. Christmas Waltz: Lacey "Gretchen Wieners" Chabert is to star in her ninth Hallmark Christmas movie. Christmas Waltz is about a woman (Chabert) whose Christmas wedding is "unexpectedly canceled." That's when a dance instructor (Will Kemp) helps her "rebuild her dreams." That's vague, but methinks she's not going to marry her original fiancé. 

  3. The Christmas Setup: This includes Lifetime's first Christmas original focused on an LGBTQ+ romance. The Christmas Setup involves a mom (Fran Drescher) setting up her son (Ben Lewis) with the guy (Blake Lee) he had a crush on in high school. Lifetime is known for releasing a ton of Christmas movies each year, and for 2020, the network has already announced a whopping 30 films.

  4.  A Sugar And Spice Holiday: Lifetime will also release its first Christmas movie featuring a Chinese-American family, called A Sugar & Spice Holiday. This one is about a woman (Jacky Lai) who is guilted into entering a gingerbread house competition after the death of her grandmother, who was a baker. (Sure!) But, of course, she has a romantic reconnection with an old friend (Tony Giroux) along the way. 

  5. Merry Liddle Christmas Wedding: Lifetime's selection this year will also include a sequel to last year's Merry Liddle Christmas. In Merry Liddle Christmas Wedding, Kelly Rowland and Thomas Cadrot return, and this time their characters are planning their destination wedding amid family drama. 

Keep yourself in the Holiday Cheer by cozying up in your home with some hot cocoa (maybe add some Rumchata for a little kick?). Stay warm! 

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